2013 Conference Resources

iTi session handouts and/or websites can be accessed by clicking on the session title.

Tony Vincent’s Website –  http://learninginhand.com/iti

Google Docs: I Can Do That! – Christian Kroos, Kenesaw Public Schools

Digital Science Fair – Micayla Dunn, Aurora Middle School

You too can YouTube -Kristin Lukow, Adams Central Public Schools

Expanding Critical and Creative Thinking with Technology – Melissa Weston, Adams Central Public Schools

Google Chrome Apps & Extensions – Jackie Ediger, ESU #9

Using Technology to Provide Feedback – Julie Parker, HPS Hawthorne Elementary

For the Love of Pinterest – Amy Schultz, ESU #9

Turning Toys into Tools: Fostering Student Independence in a 1:1 Classroom – Emily Dunbar & Katie Schultz, Hastings High School

Read and Giggle…Blog and Google – Deb Hartman, Doniphan-Trumbull Elementary

Learn 360 and Other Digital Media Resources – Lois Hafer, ESU #9

Apps Anonymous – Krista Calderon & Kathy Brennfoerder, Sandy Creek Public Schools

Hey, Share with Me! – Jim Fielder & Augusta Beahm, Hastings High School

Intro to Google Sites – Summer Lukasiewicz, Blue Hill Community Schools

Engage/Excite your 1:1 classroom (or 1:25 classroom) – Tom Johnsen, Hastings High School

Growing Up Digital -Craig Badura, Aurora Public Schools

Show What You Know – Tarin Wademan & Keshae Freese, Sutton Public Schools

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